Word from the founder

Instead of turning our local wood into generic, mass-produced pieces, we embrace its distinctiveness. With proper care, these pieces will last a lifetime and carry out their legacy by giving people moments of togetherness outdoors.

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Laura Galzone
Founder of AMATA

Values we stand by

Our foundation is built on three core values that guide everything we do. Authenticity, craftsmanship, and durability are the heartbeat of our brand, influencing every step of our creative process.

Handcraft labour of love
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Reflect the purity of nature
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Create furniture that endures the test of time

Our people and culture.

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  • Closeup of wooden plank being fastened in a bigger piece
  • Wooden elements hanging on a white brick wall
  • A brown wooden Adirondack chair in a workshop
  • Man stacking wood planks in a workshop
  • A man with a beard drawing up wood furniture design pattern
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Furniture that respects design and craftsmanship

The story of AMATA is rooted in the knowledge of our parent company we started back in 1992. It's when we first came together with the vision to put our ancestor skills to good use. Rooted in a culture where wood symbolizes life, our local craftsmen have dedicated years to mastering this material, creating outdoor furniture that stands the test of time.

Our wood is sourced exclusively from 100% local Northern European forests. Our trees grow slowly, maturing over time and acquiring unique characteristics from their lengthy lives.

These natural features make each piece of wood unique, infusing every item of furniture with its personality.

This is how your furniture is created


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  • A stack of wooden planks

    Step 1: Drying the wood logs

    The cut wood typically contains a high moisture content, so it undergoes a drying process to reduce this moisture. We achieved it through kiln drying.

  • Wall of hanging wood pieces

    Step 2: Processing and shaping the wood

    The dried wood undergoes shaping processes, including planning (removing thin layers for a smooth finish), jointing, and machining to meet design specifications for dimensions and surfaces.

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    Step 3: Creating joinery and holes

    We use different joinery techniques to connect different wood pieces. This step is crucial for creating sturdy and durable furniture.

  • A closeup of a man sanding wood

    Step 4: Sanding and smoothing

    The assembled pieces undergo sanding to create a smooth and even surface. This step enhances the furniture's visual appeal and prepares it for finishing.

  • Wood pieces going in an impregnation tank

    Step 5: Impregnation pressure treatment

    We place product components in a long treatment tank, which is then vacuum sealed. 
    We use a high-quality impregnation agent, CELCURE C65. This water-based solution, containing copper and organic biocides, provides lasting protection against fungi, insects, and woodworm attacks.

  • A table in a wood workshop

    Step 6: Quality control

    Quality control is done between each step to catch potential issues early on. However, the finished furniture undergoes rigorous quality control checks to meet the specified standards. This includes inspecting for defects, ensuring proper assembly, and assessing the overall quality of the final product.

  • A closeup of wood furniture pieces, assembled for storage

    Step 7: Packaging and shipping

    Once quality control is complete, the furniture is carefully packaged for shipping. We avoid plastic and instead use cardboard packaging for our products.

Furniture that respects nature and our future

We take pride in crafting nature-respecting furniture from robust live wood, creating unique pieces that unite people in genuine outdoor moments. We use wood from Northern Europe, connecting us to Latvian traditions and showing our expertise in working with top-notch live wood. We always consider the user's experience and craft our furniture to last a lifetime.

Our commitment to transparency and mindful sourcing is unwavering. We use certified wood, which is a testament to our dedication to responsible sourcing and sustainable forest management. Our Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certification, with the FSC® Certificate Registration Code NC-COC-013354 and FSC® License Code FSC-C002739, is a clear reflection of our commitment to nature.

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Map of Northern Europe with a red dot in Latvia

Ieriķi, Latvia

57.21622° N, 25.16809° E

This is as local as it gets.

100% sourced from Northern Europe and manufactured in our hometown since 1992